11 Ways Diatomaceous Earth Keeps Your Home and Family Safe

Normally, products which are harmful to bugs are more than likely to harm human beings and pets. However, diatomaceous earth is a natural product that has nutritional benefits for humans and pets, yet kills annoying bugs especially those that contain an exoskeleton.

So What Is Diatomaceous Earth and Where Does It Come From?

Sometimes, it may be referred colloquially as dirt’ since it is as natural as dirt. This is a special powder that is finely crushed to resemble talc. It is made from fossil remains of minute marine plants also known as phytoplankton.

The marine surrounding is one of the most natural and mineral filled environment. This is the source of this special substance, and it explains why the product is filled with mineral nutrients. The raw product is similar to grit that is found in the cell walls of one-celled diatoms that exist as fossils.

Uses of Diatomaceous Earth

There are two major types of this product; industrial and food grade. The industrial type is not for consumption and can only be utilized in industrial plants. The alternative has numerous uses which benefit the body in a variety of ways.

Silica is one of the most abundant minerals in this product. For this reason, it is applicable as;

diatomaceous earth benefits 1. Toothpaste; simply sprinkle a little powder onto a toothbrush and use as normal toothpaste.

2. Skin cleansing milk or mask. Simply mix the powder with some milk, water or Aloe Vera paste and apply onto the skin then rinse off after a few minutes.

3. Consumption with food as a supplement where a tablespoon can be added to fluids such as milk, fruit juice, tea and smoothies.

4. Storage of food including grains such as wheat and beans.

5. Deodorizer for the fridge and freezers.

6. As a bug killer where bugs such as cockroaches, fleas and bedbugs can be gotten rid of using the powder.

Benefits of Diatomaceous Earth

Since it can be used both externally and internally, the benefits of this superb powder are evident in numerous ways.

7. Promote stronger bones, healthier skin, hair and joints.
Silica provides collagen which is a basic building block of hair, skin and bones. Consequently, consumption of this diatomic substance yields smoother skin, stronger bones and healthy looking stronger nails. Generally, there is also better growth of the hair and development of the skin and bones.

8. Immune System
Obtaining a more alert and better immune system is also a result of using this unique natural powder. The silica mineral usually stimulates the immune system to produce antibodies. In this way, the body can easily fight off any disease causing organisms such as bacteria and viruses.

9. Improve Digestion
Users have reported improved bowel movement with the consumption of this natural powder. Apparently, the formation of bones and cartilage increases the production of collagen in the body. The body registers the collagen as a waste product which is eliminated regularly. In the process, digestion is improved greatly.

10. Reduce Cholesterol
Improved digestion also has a positive impact on the general metabolism in the body. This is an activity that helps the body to get rid of excess cholesterol. It also contributes to weight loss when utilized in conjunction with physical exercise and a properly balanced diet.

11. Neurological Health
The failure of proper functioning of neurons is related to the accumulation of aluminum in the body. There is unparalleled research that indicates that silica helps in the excretion of excess aluminum in the body. Silica also prevents the absorption of aluminum by the body thus contributing to the general health of the neurological system. In this way, it is possible to keep off diseases such as Alzheimer’s.
It is important to note that diatomaceous earth is beneficial to the body only if it is taken in reasonable amounts. The product becomes harmful when it is taken in extremely large amounts or misused.

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