Athletic Greens: Seattle Families Supercharge With This Green Power Drink

athletic greens superfoodMany studies have proven that the average person can’t get all of his daily nutrition needs through his diet alone. It’s an inconvenient truth that most of us face. It’s for this very reason that supplementation is highly encouraged by nutritionists. The downside with some supplements is that they contain artificial and GMO ingredients that actually do more harm than good. This is one major issue that Athletic Greens seeks to address.

It is basically a green powder drink made of superfoods that are guaranteed organic. Being green ensures that every nutrient that it gives would be properly absorbed by the body. However, this is only half of the reason why you should be taking this supplement, though, for it also makes sure that you meet all of your daily nutritional quotas from a single serving.

Ingredients Found in This Green Superfood Cocktail Athletic Greens

This fact is made possible by every component found in it. Take note that due to the vast number of ingredients it has (which totals 75), we have opted to divide them into categories instead. Here they are as follows:

Every mineral that your body needs, from potassium and zinc to magnesium and calcium, can be acquired from Athletic Greens. Minerals practically serve as the foundation of your body’s nutrition, as they are responsible for keeping the functions of its fundamental systems running smoothly. Each serving is based on the average person’s daily needs and was selected with optimum absorption in mind.

Pre- and Probiotics and Natural Digestive Enzymes
Besides ensuring that your GI tract is always at its best condition, these also help in improving the absorption of nutrients.
Natural, Alkaline Greens
This pretty much forms the bulk of raw vegetables and fruits that you would be getting from a single serving of this super drink. Each precious nutrient found in every ingredient is handled with extreme care so as to make sure that they would be intact and ready for absorption when consumed.

Antioxidant Herbs and Other Natural Extracts
One serving of Athletic Greens has been found to provide you with the antioxidant-equivalent of 10-12 servings of fruits and vegetables, which more than meets your day-to-day needs.
If you want a more comprehensive view of the nutrients found in this supplement, then please find time to read about them from the main site:

The Benefits of Athletic Greens

What makes this superfood cocktail great is that it doesn’t require you to look for the essential foods that your body needs on a daily basis, as it is practically already a heady combination of all of them. It also ensures that what you are taking in is all-natural and would do no long-term damage whatsoever to your health. Besides these benefits, it has also been found to:
• Boost energy levels through optimum nutrient absorption.
• Improve the overall function of the gastrointestinal tract.
• Detoxify the body and protect it from various diseases.
• Work well with anyone undergoing a special diet (Paleo, Vegan, Auto-Immune, etc.)

Why Athletic Greens Tastes Better

Another primary distinction found in Athletic Greens is its delectable taste. Just about any nutritional drink that uses various greens like vegetables, algae, and grasses as ingredients is bound to have an unpleasant, earthy taste, right? Without a doubt, this less-than-satisfactory can really put off most of us who are sensitive when it comes to the taste of anything that we take in. This is not the case with this product since its developers have anticipated the said downside by adding a chocolate taste to it. The said taste can effectively mask the natural taste of its green ingredients. The same can be said for its mixing quality as it has been found to easily mix with any kind of liquid that you choose to incorporate it with.

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